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Windshield Repair

Simi Valley Auto Glass always puts our customer’s safety first. With modern automobile manufacturers relying on the integrity of the vehicle’s auto glass for the air bags to function properly, you do not want to leave damaged auto glass left unattended without seeking out either a windshield repair or replacement service. We can get most auto glass replacement jobs done in a few hours, and we will always give you an idea on how long our service will take before you bring your automobile in to get fixed and we will also make sure that a window chip repair is not appropriate before proceeding to work on your auto’s glass. Our company specializes in:

  • Windshield Repair Simi Valley
  • Windshield Repair Moorpark
  • Windshield Repair Thousand Oaks

We work on all makes and models of both foreign and domestic automobiles, and if we don’t have your auto glass in stock, we can commonly get replacement glass within a working day or two depending on the local availability of the stock.

No matter what your auto glass needs are, our technicians will be able to efficiently take care of your window damage using manufacturer approved parts and procedures. If you have any questions regarding how our expert technicians do their business, just give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding our auto glass replacement services. No question is too small to ask, and we will always provide you with a free estimate on our work.

Windshield Crack Repair

If you have owned a car or truck for any length of time, then you have likely had a small crack or two, here or there, with one of your autos. Unfortunately, if you put off getting a windshield crack repair service in the short term, you are just setting yourself up for a more expensive full car windshield replacement later. This is especially true in the Simi Valley area of Southern California. Even during our warm sunny days, residents can still see some big temperature swings at night. When this occurs, it can tend to make those small cracks that seem like they have been on your windshield forever, grow to the point of requiring a more extensive replacement or repair service. You do not want to let your automobile fall into this trap. Simply give the team at Simi Valley Speedy Glass a call today to see what service our mobile technicians recommend that we accomplish for your vehicle’s glass. We will adjust our schedule to make your service appointment work with your busy life, and you will not be disappointed in choosing our shop to take care of your car glass needs today. Give us a ring today for a free quote on our services.

(805) 248-7056