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Mobile Windshield Repair

When you are looking for the company who is the best at replacing windshields in the Simi Valley area of Southern California, you should make sure you choose a company who insists on training and certifying their auto glass technicians when delivering a quality mobile windshield repair service to your desired location in the local area. By insisting on the proper training and certification at the technician level, you will be able to feel comfortable in the knowledge that your new windshield will be installed to meet or exceed the manufacturer and national safety standards for installation.

At Simi Valley Speedy Glass, we have insisted on doing things the right way since we first opened our doors more than 25 years ago. As a result, all of our glass technicians always undergo the best training on their way to earning certification for working on your automobile. We also like to keep pace with modern technology and continually look to keep our shop up-to-date with the currently recommend process and procedures for replacing our customer’s windshields. This helps ensure you get a clean and strong seal between your new windshield and the frame of your automobile.

When you check the ratings of any other auto glass shop in the Simi Valley area of California, you will see that Simi Valley Speedy Glass consistently comes in the top of the rankings. We always love to over-deliver on our service quality and craftsmanship when you hire our company to take care of your windshield needs. We will always chose the best replacement glass for your vehicle, and will never install the wrong cut or a second-hand glass in order to ensure your overall safety. By making sure you have a properly installed windshield, our team helps make sure that your auto’s airbags will continue to work as designed without putting your vehicle occupants at greater risk of injury in the event you are involved in an unfortunate accident. When less-established companies use cheap or imitation glass on your vehicle, you will run the risk of the air bags ailing to deploy properly. In some cases, they have actually been known to fully push the windshield out of the frame when the glass seal is not intact or if the windshield does not have the appropriate rating for your vehicle.

If you are in the market for a new windshield, and want to hire the best to take care of your vehicle, then give Simi Valley Speedy Glass a call. Our company is one of the most established in the Simi Valley area, and we love helping our customers get back on the road as quickly as possible with a freshly installed windshield. We will always go the extra mile to help take care of your glass damage, and you will not be disappointed in the quality of our service. If you have a windshield need or question, please give our friendly staff a call today. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and provide a free quote on our services.

(805) 248-7056